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Join Fork

River Kelvin

FORK only exists because of the people who give their support, and that support can come in many ways, including time, money, enthusiasm and expertise. You can invest any of those in our organised activities, by writing material for our newsletter, website, Facebook page or grant applications, or by helping with the maintenance of Ha’Penny Bridge House. So if you have ideas for some other things we can do – either regularly, or as a one-off, maybe you could lead some Kelvin-themed arts activities or competitions, organised walks or cycle rides, or awareness-raising events, please get in touch.


We do also need paying members, so if you can afford it, please consider taking out an annual membership which you can apply for from our Contact page and then pay via PayPal.

If you would prefer to pay by cheque or BACS please download our Application Form

We are a registered charity, and when we submit reports or apply for grants or training, being able to quote the numbers of our current membership is important. We will communicate with members directly through our newsletter, and we'll call out to you to attend our Annual General Meeting every Autumn, and to refresh our committee.

Membership income gives the organisation the reliable financial flow we need to cover our expenditure: to work with other community groups, carry out clean-ups and improvements, to maintain Ha’Penny Bridge House, continue to promote the Kelvin and it’s environment as an essential part of life for those who visit it, play by it and enjoy it.

We are a small, local charity, with no employees. We will not be sending you a glossy magazine or a membership card granting you free access to anything – joining FORK is about giving… but you get the warm glow of being part of a worthwhile and vibrant organisation, with an important and valued place in the local community. 

Cost of Membership

  • Individual £10
  • Family £15
  • Concession £5